What is VBN?

VBN Connect is an group formed to link All Sub Division of Veersaiva Jangam Yogeeswarar  Pandarathar Community entrepreneurs across the globe.

Why should I join?

To strengthen your business end to end which includes links, advice, resources, access to events, training & development , advocacy, grants & funding, business assessments and communications.

What next after joining?

VBN organizes regular meetings where our members can interact and network with each other. It is advisable to join/attend the meeting regularly to promote their personal skill/business/contact as well to develop our community.

Will I surely get business?

It depends on individual’s active participation, products and services offered, however we do not guarantee for any business.

Are there any hidden charges?

No hidden charges as such, except registration fee and membership fee.

Should I attend meetings regularly? If I miss, will I lose my membership?

No, we believe in growing together, however if the members performance/response is not satisfied to the VBN Connect team, his/her next year renewal of membership will be under scrutiny by the team for continuation.

Will I get any financial support from VBN?

No. We support to connect with Angel investors, VCs and Banks.

Validity of membership?

1 year from the date of registration.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Any sub Division of Veerasaiva Pandarathar entrepreneur who runs a business on his own and without any criminal conspiracy.

If i can't attend meetings can someone else on my behalf attend?

Yes, as per substitution policy a replacement is allowed when a member cannot attend due to valid reasons.

Do we have regular meetings?

Yes. It’s depends on the requirements.

Regular Meeting fee?

It varies from venue to venue and various cities.

What is the meeting frequency per month?

It’s depends on the requirements.